National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

       The National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) is one of the national missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) to implement initiatives to enhance energy efficiency in energy intensive industries.

        The main objective of NMEEE is to strengthen the market for energy efficiency through implementation of innovative business models in the energy efficiency sector.

         NMEEE consist of four initiatives to enhance energy efficiency in energy intensive industries which are as follows:

  1. Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT): It is a regulatory instrument with market based mechanism to enhance cost effec­tiveness of improvements in energy efficiency and saving in energy-intensive large industries and facilities, through certification of energy savings that could be traded.
  2. Energy Efficiency Financing Platform (EFFP): Provision of platform for capacity enhancement of stake holders in Energy efficient financing through creation of demand for energy efficiency products, goods and services- awareness, public policy, facilitation/ stimulation by preparation of bankable projects and markets, promotion of ESCOs.
  3. Market Transformation for Energy Efficiency (MTEE): Accelerating the shift to energy efficient appliance in designated sectors through innovative measures such as incentives and innovative business models.  One way to achieve this by adopting a National CDM Roadmap with an objective to increase the global CER market share by at least 10%.
  4. Framework for Energy Efficient Economic Development (FEEED): Development of fiscal instruments to leverage finance for energy efficiency through risk mitigation through Partial Risk Guarantee Fund (PRGF)and provision for equity investment through Venture Capital Fund for Energy Efficiency (VCFEE).

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