National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

       The National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) is one of the national missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) to implement initiatives to enhance energy efficiency in energy intensive industries.         The main objective of NMEEE is to strengthen the market for energy efficiency through … Continue reading National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Demand Side Management in Power System

            In the electricity industry there are two ends one where energy is generated and the other where energy is consumed. The end which consumes creates a demand and accordingly regulates the increase in generation. The generation of electricity has a huge impact on the national economy, the environment and … Continue reading Demand Side Management in Power System

Losses in the Indian Power System

             Electricity is the driving force for the development of the economy of a country. For the development of Indian Economy at a growth rate of 8% per annum, the Electricity sector needs to grow at 15% per annum. To maintain such a growth rate it is imperative to not … Continue reading Losses in the Indian Power System

Availability Based Tariff Mechanism

                      After the advent of Economic liberalization in India the Central Government during the year 1994 hired different international consultants to access the Indian Power Sector and formulate different measures to reform the power sector such as to bring better system operation and grid discipline, … Continue reading Availability Based Tariff Mechanism

Evolution of Policies of Indian Power Sector

Brief summary showcasing various acts being enacted from time to time showing how the Indian power sector evolved from a cocoon of a monopolistic environment to developing to a perfectly competitive environment. The regulation of the power sector was transferred from the confinement of the Centre and State Governments to independent bodies. The Electricity Act- 1910 laid the foundation of a legal framework, the Electricity (Supply) Act- 1948 paved the way for a contiguous Grid System, the Electricity Regulatory Commission Act- 1998 created independent bodies to formulate policies to make the Indian Power Sector more efficient and finally the Electricity Act- 2003 converted the Indian Power sector to a market with potential for investment by private parties giving rise to competition, efficiency in operation along with safeguard of consumers.